Aims & Objectives

1. To act as a welfare & support organization for IT and ITeS employees and provide them a common platform for sharing their ideas and experiences.

2. To provide solidarity and support at all times to all IT & ITeS employees.

3. To take up problems and distress faced by women employees and support them.

4. To encourage creative ideas & promote cultural activities among IT & ITeS Employees.

5. To discuss and understand relevant Social issues and be involved in Social activities.

6. To engage in research studies to understand the issues concerning the IT & ITeS Employees and the Industry in general.

7. To conduct seminars, discussions, workshops, campaignings and meetings to educate the members and the larger public on relevant topics and policies related to IT & ITeS.

8. To cooperate with other organizations (of IT & ITeS Employees), particularly those having similar objectives.

9. To ensure fair employment policies & better work-life balance for the employee community.

10. To provide suggestions, inputs, proposals etc related to IT Policies and industry practices to the appropriate authorities and forums.

11. To serve as a knowledge center for the challenges faced by employee community.